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Penalties for crimes against the environment should be tougher.It can be tempting to write vaguely, as the vague seems to be safer.For instance, you can show how labeling GMOs makes people feel safer about their food.The only difference between normal and organic food is the cost.Read pro and con arguments for and against topics such as medical marijuana,. is a 501(c)(3).If you go into a project believing you are right and that nothing can sway your opinion, it will be difficult to write a fair and balanced paper.

The audience should be challenged to re-examine their long-held values, and will be asked to alter deeply held convictions based on new evidence or viewpoints on the issue.This is because most scholarly papers go through an extensive peer-review process before being published.

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Just because one person has a specific experience does not mean that experience can be generalized.

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Any plagiarism in an essay seriously erodes the credibility of the author, often to the extent that readers are unwilling to consider anything the writer has said.DNA experiments on human embryos are unethical and should not be allowed.However, statistics can be misleading, and it is important to acquire your statistics from reliable sources.

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Bring your points together in way that highlights your thesis.

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History Essay Topics: Top 30 Simply Amazing Ideas for Your Paper.Controversial essay is one of the most anticipated types of a term paper for every college student.

College students should have the freedom to choose their own courses.Back up each point you make with concrete, specific evidence.The legal drinking age should be changed to 18 for hard liquor and spirits, and to 16 for beer and wine.Better Essays: The Controversial Topic of Genetic Testing - Genetic testing has become a highly controversial.Any student caught cheating on an examination should be automatically dismissed from college.

Persuasive essay topics, argumentative essay topics, admissions essay topics, compare and contrast essay topics,.Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid reform are non-negotiable ways out of the debt crisis.People who use file-sharing sites to download content illegally should be found and prosecuted.Essay Topics.You should include an in-text citation each time you quote, summarize, or paraphrase a source.

Terrorism is a major issue in the world because innocent people are affected.Students should take a year off between college and high school.

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Your thesis is not merely an organizing statement, which provides the order of your evidence, but the claim you are making.Zoos, aquariums, and circuses violate animal rights and should be shut down.Statistics are useful in establishing the importance of a topic, as well as the effects of a phenomenon on groups of people.

This means thinking about the people who are most likely to disagree with you, as well as those on the fence about an issue.

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It is not a statement of fact, but something that is arguable based on the evidence you provide in the essay.Is it an op-ed, the purpose of which is to express an opinion, not necessarily to provide evidence for that opinion.Hasty generalization is where you assume because a thing is true in a certain context, it must be true in a lot of other circumstances.

Technological progress signifies the decline of human moral, spiritual, and traditional values.This is especially effective in papers that end with a call to action.

A compare and contrast essay is often the most effective in a persuasive essay, as it shows the similarities and differences among the different options your presenting, and can highlight why your view is preferable to others.