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Robotics, The International Journal of Robotics Research The International Journal of Robotics.Mutual localization in multi-robot systems using anonymous relative measurements.Flagellated Magnetotactic Bacteria as Controlled MRI-trackable Propulsion and Steering Systems for Medical Nanorobots Operating in the Human Microvasculature.

Background and Motivation 2.1. Southern California Ocean Dynamics The motivation for using predictive.Quasi-static manipulation of a Kirchhoff elastic rod based on a geometric analysis of equilibrium configurations.It also highlights the major breakthroughs in the application of robotics across varied industrial sectors as well as in medical research.Flying Fast and Low Among Obstacles: Methodology and Experiments.Topology-based representations for motion planning and generalization in dynamic environments with interactions.Feature Depth Observation for Image-based Visual Servoing: Theory and Experiments.Optimal trajectories for time-critical street scenarios using discretized terminal manifolds.

A probabilistic framework for object search with 6-DOF pose estimation.Article Sampling-based robotic information gathering algorithms.

Additional services and information for The International Journal of Robotics Research can be.Rotation estimation and vanishing point extraction by omnidirectional vision in urban environment.Hierarchical quadratic programming: Fast online humanoid-robot motion generation.Vision-guided Robot System for Picking Objects by Casting Shadows.Advanced perception, navigation and planning for autonomous in-water ship hull inspection.

International Journal of Robotics Research The International Journal of Robotics Research.,.,.,. The.Design and testing of a selectively compliant underactuated hand.Towards dynamic trot gait locomotion: Design, control, and experiments with Cheetah-cub, a compliant quadruped robot.Cooperative multi-agent mapping of three-dimensional structures for pipeline inspection applications.A Planar Symmetric Walking Cancellation Algorithm for a Foot—Platform Locomotion Interface.Automated biomanipulation of single cells using magnetic microrobots.Robotics is a vast field and can be acclaimed as the pinnacle of technological advancements incorporating the various automation concepts like mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, electrical, pneumatic etc., and well revolutionized through the use of computers.

Online and Incremental Appearance-based SLAM in Highly Dynamic Environments.Quadrupedal locomotion using hierarchical operational space control.Requirements for Safe Robots: Measurements, Analysis and New Insights.Optimality and Robustness in Multi-Robot Path Planning with Temporal Logic Constraints.

Manipulator and object tracking for in-hand 3D object modeling.The latest advancements in developmental robotics, robot-motion planning, mechatronics, swarm robots, biomimetics, and humanoid robotics have opened up new opportunities in building of artificial intelligence.

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Visual navigation of a mobile robot with laser-based collision avoidance.Decentralized time-varying formation control for multi-robot systems.The International Journal of Robotics Research published online.Autonomous adaptive exploration using realtime online spatiotemporal topic modeling.

Persistent Navigation and Mapping using a Biologically Inspired SLAM System.Using Lie group symmetries for fast corrective motion planning.Autonomous navigation of a humanoid robot over unknown rough terrain using a laser range sensor.The International Journal of Robotics Research 2011 30: 988 originally published online 3 June 2011.

Stochastic surveillance strategies for spatial quickest detection.Learning to select and generalize striking movements in robot table tennis.The Null-Space-based Behavioral Control for Mobile Robots with Velocity Actuator Saturations.Optimal distribution of contact forces with inverse-dynamics control.

An Active Vision System for Detecting, Fixating and Manipulating Objects in the Real World.Low-bandwidth reflex-based control for lower power walking: 65 km on a single battery charge.Design and experimental evaluation of a dynamically balanced redundant planar 4-RRR parallel manipulator.Distributed Control Architecture for Self-reconfigurable Manipulators.Fast damage recovery in robotics with the T-resilience algorithm.Development of a Multi-modal Multi-user Telepresence and Teleaction System.Assembly and disassembly of magnetic mobile micro-robots towards deterministic 2-D reconfigurable micro-systems.Diego Stefano F Ferreira, Augusto Loureiro da Costa, Andre Gustavo Scolari.

The Distributed Flight Array: Design, implementation, and analysis of a modular vertical take-off and landing vehicle.Gyro-aided feature tracking for a moving camera: fusion, auto-calibration and GPU implementation.Waalbot II: Adhesion Recovery and Improved Performance of a Climbing Robot using Fibrillar Adhesives.Distributed assembly with online workload balancing and visual error detection and correction.Sensing, Acquisition, and Interactive Playback of Data-based Models for Elastic Deformable Objects.Incremental Learning, Clustering and Hierarchy Formation of Whole Body Motion Patterns using Adaptive Hidden Markov Chains.