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Mechanical ghosting develops during the delivery of the printed sheet and is traceable to on-press conditions, ink starvation, form layout, and even to the blanket itself.As it is one of the most difficult academic papers, writers usually need to receive precise and clear requirements to communicate with a customer.Double Burning Combining the images on two or more films onto a single film to create a single image.Montblanc Augmented Paper Terms of Use and EULA Last updated: August 2016 About Montblanc and these Terms of Use Montblanc-Simplo GmbH has its registered offices at.Halftone Reproduction of continuous tone artwork with the image formed dots of various sizes.

Broken Carton An open carton of paper with some of its contents removed.The degree of alignment can be controlled in the paper making process.The dirt should always be small enough not to interfere with the quality of the finished printed piece.Opaque The more opaque a sheet of paper is, the less transparent it is.Double-Thick Cover Stock A cover stock composed of two sheets of 65 lb.Decurling A paper decurling station on a sheeter or web press, used to remove paper curl.

As such, they are critical...Unit Refers to the combination of inking, plate and impression operations to print each color.Doubling (1) In printing, a press problem that generally occurs when sheets make contact with the blanket twice, once just before the impression point and the second time at the impression point, resulting in a double image.

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In printing, a printing dot that has a percentage that is close to the 25% printing dot size.Dot Slurring Smearing or elongation at the trailing edges of halftone dots.Screen Range The density difference between the highlight and shadow areas of copy that a halftone screen can reproduce without a flash exposure.

Custom research paper writing is on the top of the trend among high school, college and university students today.These inks are used when sheets have to be sent back through the press faster than normal drying time will allow.

Understanding the rudiments of quality term paper writing makes it possible to recognize a reliable term paper writing service among the rest.Uniformity Being uniform in the structure of the paper, the color and finish.Fountain The unit on a press that contains ink to be fed to the distributing system, and the part that feeds the fountain solution to the dampening system.

Undercolor Removal To improve trapping and reduce ink costs in the process color web printing, color separation films are reduced in color in areas where all three colors overprint and the black film is increased an equivalent amount in these areas.Gang Printing Grouping related jobs using same paper and inks.Cutter Dust Paper dust resulting from cutting or trimming the paper which can transfer to printing blankets causing problems during a press run.Center spread The facing pages in the center of a bound signature.A file containing structured PostScript code, comments and a screen display image.Paper Surface Efficiency Measure of the printability of a sheet of paper which is dependent upon the amount of ink the paper absorbs, the smoothness of its surface, and the evenness of its caliper.Frequently used to give thickness to a book with minimal amount of pages.

Interleaves (slip sheets) Paper inserted between sheets as they come off the printing press to prevent transfer of wet ink from one to the other.In addition, you have an opportunity to communicate with your writer.Drag Register trouble when the dot is enlarged toward the back (nongripper edge) of the sheet. See Slur.Relative humidity is the percent of moisture relative to the actual amount which air at any given temperature can retain without precipitation.Although rigorous use does have some environmental consequence, they are a clean and renewable source of cellulose.Lining The material which is pasted down on the backbone (spine) of a book to be casebound, after it has been sewn, glued off, and then rounded.Oxidation A chemical reaction which hardens the ink vehicle and makes the film of ink reasonably rub-proof.

Millions of students use StudyMode to jumpstart their assignments.Shrinkage Decrease in the dimensions of a sheet of paper or loss incurred in weight between the amount of pulp used and paper produced.Bursting Strength The point to which paper can withstand pressure without rupturing.A finish imparted to a web of paper through an embossing machine.Headband A small strip of silk or cotton used for decoration at the top of a book between the sheets and the cover.Paper that is dried by circulating hot air around it with little or no tension or restraint on the paper.Handmade Finish Paper with a rough finish resembling handmade paper.TERMS COMPARISON 1 Terms Comparison Economic is the study of how people choose when.

Since this acetate is virtually transparent, the combination of four overlays will make a full-color image.The properties within paper that cause it to absorb liquids (inks, water, etc.) which come in contact with it.As you can tell, deciding whether you have key, new, or technical terms is subjective.Paste-Up Assembling on one page for photographing various art elements for a print order.Scanning Point-by-Point electronic scanning of color separations under computer control.