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The argument I support in the first paragraph is also in a position of advantage because there is a wide assortment of big libraries for studies, several different museums for visit, and numerous cinemas, theaters and centers for entertainment These things are rare in a small town.

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But in a big city, An advanced public transportation can easily take you to anywhere corner.These people assert that there are a lot of facilities in a bog city that make life easier and more comfortable.As a result, the number of vehicles in a small town must be smaller than in a big city.

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Life in a small town essay. Writing. Jewish life, well as a routinely life.

On the other hand, everyone knows that on a large city there are competitions and tensions as well as opportunities.Finally, a big city has all kinds of entertainment facilities, such as dance bar, club, KTV.After pondering it from several aspects, personally, I prefer living in a small town.Here are what I see as the major benefits and drawbacks between city and small town life.That will reduce a lot of time traditionally wasted on the way of going to office and avoid traffic jams and air pollution.

An Analysis the Challenge and Solutions of the Rapid Growth of Shanty Towns in Third World Countries.

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But in my personal situation, I believe that my husband and I can get a job everywhere.Their standard of living is lower than that of the town because the means of earning.The township has about 5000 people working in all walks of life.

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Small town life is also portrayed through the novel through.Coming to my case, I was fortunate enough to enjoy the facilities that a city could provide.

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You cannot tell other people what you are thinking and no one would like to spend a lot of time listening to you.Furthermore, you can find more expert doctors and hospitals in a large city that is so considerable particularly in case a disease occurs.I prefer living in a small town. little pollution and leisure of the life which can be found in a small.Not only can we own a home of our own, one can also afford a garden in which he can grow flowers and vegetables.In addition, there are many museums, exhibitions in a big city.

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From what we discussed above, we can see that living in a small is really attracting.Understanding the Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for the Deadly Small Pox.

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The Internet cafes and other related places where one can easily access is really a boon to the people of big cities.For example, If you like Japanese cosmetic and French delicious food, You can get what you want in a multifunctional center without going Japan and France.

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In addition, there are not much factories in a small town, thus the noises and exhaust gas are less.For example, there is a small town named Wu town in our country.For instance, as these kinds of cities are so crowded, heavy traffic is a ubiquitous phenomenon in them which makes life so stressful.

In a word, To live in a big city or a small town is something of a dilemma to the public they sometimes are confused by the seeming good qualities of living in a small town such as a fresh air, and neglect the genuinely good aspects of living in a big city.

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In contrast to this, living in big cities many people are strangers.In this era where there is much competition to achieve the very best every parent would love to be in a big city because the benefits which they derive from such a place would be much more than what a small town can offer.

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Moreover, because we have a car, we can drive to anywhere to do shopping or affairs.The Meddling and Insensitive People of the Towns in Novels, A Rose for Emily and Dry September.The air is clean and fresh and there is no need to worry about the space for outdoor exercise.

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Since I am a student of computer science, of course, I prefer to live in a big city.Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird only two characters are seen as being completely good as juxtaposed.

Also, as stated above, educational opportunities are limited in such cities, and finally there are not many chances for finding a desirable job that is a serious problem itself.How to submit a small town. an essay, passive voice bad sides of your life. small essay provides.Moreover they will be in a position to look for better areas of work which might not be possible if they are in a small town.So, I would rather conclude by highlighting the point that it is not the place that matters but its our way of living that helps us to be a better person which in turn makes our place a better place to live in.From my point of view, it is more advisable to choose living in a big city rather than.Also, there are a lot of facilities of entertainment and cultural activities such as cinemas, theatres, concerts, etc that is more found in such cities.Based on all these reasons and details, I think a big city is more attractive than a small town, especially for young people.Especially if you do not have a car, you are better off in the city.Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional concern, we find that some people hold the idea of living in a small town meanwhile others refer to living a big city.

Supreme Ventures Limited is local company, owned and operated by Jamaicans.Without a doubt, both sides have advantages and disadvantages.From my point of view, I would prefer to live in a small town.In a big city, they will have more choice to spend their spare time, and they can know more people who come from different culture or background.Write a Short Essay on Your Town. Nongpoh is a small tourist town,.The Company, a partnership between Peter Stewart (Chairman), Paul Hoo (Deputy Chairman.

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So people in big cities are threatened both mentally and physically.But, in a small town you can have a calm and healthy life without any stress far from the crowd of the city.