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Another problem of the non-legalization of this drug in some states has led to increase in numerous crimes and violence.

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My last main focus on marijuana is the price of keeping it illegal.

Unfortunately, our current direction with marijuana is to continue to put people in jail who use it (not get them help) and to have programs like DARE that spread lies about it in our schools.I really liked reading in the beginning but then you lost me a bit in the middle and I just wanted it to end then the end was good too.

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To this day however, it remains a pit for more money to be thrown into.Marijuana legalization essays - professional writers working in the service will write your assignment within the deadline Only HQ writing services provided by top.We tried prohibition with alcohol, and that failed miserably.The third major reason that marijuana should be legal is because prohibition does not help the country in any way, and causes a lot of problems.Legalization Of Marijuana Essay.Do essay writing services work.What Makes Art Art Essay.

Patients that have used marijuana say it relieves pain, stimulates appetite and wards off nausea.And nearly all of that information I used was from I think three different websites.

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The use of marijuana as a recreational drug is becoming more widespread on college campuses.Recreational Marijuana Legalization Marijuana should no longer be illegal because recent studies show.The costs of peddling small-time marijuana users through the criminal courts far outweigh any apparent gains, especially when penalties have not deterred the always increasing use of marijuana on the streets.

We could save billions of dollars every year as a nation if we stop wasting money locking people up for having marijuana.The Option in Legalizing Marijuana on - In the US states of Oregon and Alaska, online marketplace for students.OP, listen to this man for sure, as a basic structure your essay is really good, but you will be taken even more seriously if you cite some sources and some facts and expand on your discussion points.

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Its classification is a Schedule I drug, which is said to have a high potential for abuse, no medical use, and not safe to use under medical supervision.Research Paper Format Pdf Stoned And Goofy Rolling Papers Shows It S All In A Day S Marijuana Legalization Poses A Dilemma For International Drug.

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Legalizing marijuana means Billions of Tax Dollars and Federal Savings.This whole conflict began after the Institute of Medicine ruled that marijuana can be effective as medicine (The Christian Science Monitor, 1999, Slambrouck, Paul Van).California was the first state in the nation to pass a medical marijuana law in 1996.It is actually easier for many high school students to obtain marijuana than it is for them to obtain alcohol, because alcohol is legal and therefore regulated to keep it away from kids.

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Schedule I classification describes a drug with no medical use and not safe to use under medical supervision.They said that doctors would lose their licenses to prescribe medicine, could be excluded from medical insurance programs and could face criminal charges if they prescribed marijuana to their patients.Even though it was legal to prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes in their state, the Clinton administration sought to punish doctors who recommended marijuana.

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We have to pay for food, housing, health care, attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses to lock these people up.This should be centered on why marijuana should be legalized.Tobacco poses health risk to smokers after chronic use, but they are considered legal.

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These people deserve the freedom to practice their religion as they see fit.

The use of marijuana as a recreational drug is becoming more.

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Marijuana Should be Legalized and Allowed to Be Sold in Coffee Shops.But this argument does not logically apply to marijuana because marijuana is far less dangerous than some drugs which are legal, such as alcohol and tobacco.Therefore, the reasons given to criminalize marijuana are just common thinking that are actually unjustified.Task is about the legalization of marijuana. the sample talks about the factors that causes the legalization, its effect both positive and negative.

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