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The earliest known completed video game was created by A. S. Douglas, a PhD student at Cambridge, in 1952.Its configuration should be closely protected and that security administrators should perform a reality check on a regular basis. (Bob Mellinger 2).The ball physics were very good for its time, accurately simulating the effects of gravity.We are here to help on any topic with our awesome repository of research paper ideas.This is a list of important publications in computer science, organized by field.The Top 10 research papers in computer science by Mendeley readership. Information and the Google paper,.In fact, computer viruses have existed for almost thirty years now.When a user downloads files or programs from the Internet, the same may contain viruses which the user is unaware of.

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Networking Standards - Networking Standards research papers discuss what the networking standards are for organizations.Baer resumed his project in 1966, and created a game system that had several games in it, including various ball and paddle games, a chase game, and what appears to be the first light gun game.Some computer viruses are difficult to remove from the computer.Users of computers often experience failure to access the files infected by virus.

In the same manner that a biological virus can be transferred from one person to another a computer virus can likewise be transferred from one computer to another.Digital Identity - Digital Identity research papers discuss the major issues involved with Internet identities such as privacy and identity theft.A famous example of a file infector is the cleevix virus which was first discovered in January 2006.

The most common way of spreading computer viruses is via the Internet.For instance, the worm may send a copy of itself to every person listed in the e-mail address book.All games before this just used colored cellophane glued to the monitor to give the illusion of color.This virus only infected boot records and not computer hard drives which the viruses of today do.Any person therefore who inserts a floppy disk or a removable flash drive in the infected personal computer may also get a computer virus.

According to the FBI, the virus is very tricky because it disguises itself as a friendly e-mail reply bearing an attached file.Technology and Computer Science Research Paper Topics Choose a topic in technology or computer science and we will custom write a research paper for you.This game also became very popular, so much that Atari decided to merge with Kee Games.

Online collection of free sample essays, sample term papers, sample research papers, sample thesis papers and sample dissertations on popular topics.UNIX Systems - UNIX Systems research papers delve into how these systems are essential, but also discusses the systems weaknesses.The second way to protect oneself against computer viruses, worms and Trojan horse is never to open and download any attachment from email message that is unrecognized.Others however are less harmful as they only spread themselves within the files in the computer or they can spread through the internet.

But once the computer user runs or opens the malicious program the computer may become infected.

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This virus is so destructive that Microsoft considers that the alert level for this virus is severe.This will defintely make your life more easier Reply Delete Add comment Load more.

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