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Rigid discipline, harsh and dominant behaviour of parents lead to insecurity, feeling of deprivation and maladjustment in children which are conducive personality traits for the growth of prejudices.You have heard and believed a particular nation is war minded.

Instrumental conditioning and classical conditioning were least effective.Quotes, quotations, and sayings on prejudice, an obstacle to living life fully.Thus, only when children grow up they learn to treat the children of other groups as different from them.Prejudice cannot be completely removed or eradicated as it grows in the society and in the minds of men.In societies, in which intergroup and intra group relationships are based on political and economic power and are not integrated or planned there necessarily arises a scale of social distance which becomes incorporated in the individual members.People also seem to develop prejudice for the sake of self respect, to defend the self and to maintain the individuals identification with the society which is also called conformity.

Being so diverse can mean that some of these different races or cultures will not get along and therefore creating prejudice and discrimination.Perhaps, it is the most blatant example of prejudice in recent history.True love is evident also in the relationship between sixteen year old Lydia and the dashing officer Mr. Wickham. In this case, however, there is.Since, the repressed tensions remain in a dynamic form and always in the verge of coming out, they are reflected in the defence mechanism of projection.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.One of the ways of reducing prejudice is to mould the view of different people into one.

Many studies indicate high levels of racism among lower class whites who may feel that blacks will take away their jobs.A prejudice may be defined as a composite of stereotypes, myths, legends in which the group lebel or symbol is used to classify, characterize or define an individual or a group considered as a totality.But Bird and his associates found low correlation between the attitudes of parents and children towards Negroes.On a follow up study-Gilbreth (1951) found that Princeton students checked many of the same traits for national groups in 1950 that Katz and Barely measured in 1932.Miller and Bugelski have demonstrated that the frustration of even relatively unimportant needs like seeing a movie in a theatre lead to racial antipathy.Growth of prejudice mostly depends upon the family members, societies, tradition, customs, myths, legends, stories, faiths and beliefs.These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Pride and Prejudice by.Surnames, symbols, dress and food habits of persons should be changed which keep people separated from one another.It also helps that Jane is submissive and calm, unlike her more assertive sister Elizabeth, who does not attract nearly so.

Without examining a person on his or her own worth, one has already adopted a negative attitude that implies a judgment.Findings indicated that while the urban students had higher religious and gender prejudices, the rural students had more religious information than the other groups.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.Butler, M. (2001) The Juvenilia and Northanger Abbey. In S. Regan (Ed.), The Nineteenth-Century Novel: A Critical Reader.

The Hindu and Muslim boys and girls were matched on caste, level of education, age, sex and area of residence.The conditions and expectations assigned to members of group simply on the basis of the membership in those groups lead to prejudice.

Integration of elementary school education i.e., whites and blacks studying together, general castes and backward castes studying together, is essential.In both the cases the bias or judgement is not related to the qualities of a particular individual, rather it is related to a group to which the individual belongs, Allport defines prejudice as negative attitude towards human beings that are held because of their membership or of their suppressed membership of certain groups.

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Thirdly, any economic, political and sociological policy that can minimise the frustration of any important need is a major weapon in the control of motivational factors leading to prejudice.It is an unfair treatment to a person, racial group, and minority.It grows in the minds of men mostly linked to political, geographical, legal and economic issues and are of less psychological significance.Themes of Love in Pride and Prejudice. 2 Pages 504 Words February 2015.Greenfield, S. C. (2002) Mothering Daughters: Novels and the Politics of Family Romance, Frances Burney to Jane Austen.

The most obvious form of racism is the segregation of black, after the American civil war, blacks were considered lower than the.Since prejudice is related to authoritarian personality as suggested by some, change in child rearing practices may also reduce prejudice.Smeelley and Bayton (1978) found that beliefs about social class provided more powerful stereotypes than did beliefs about race.Since, prejudice develops through a slow and gradual learning process and hence, cannot be checked suddenly, it was felt that the study of various prejudices in children would help in channelising and controlling them.This essay will evaluate the social psychological approach to understanding prejudice.You, at once, develop a hostile attitude towards all of them.Minor conflicts between small groups is related to national and international tension and prejudice. (b) Influence of Parents: Parents often transmit their own prejudice to their children.Personality factors, like rigidity, superstitionsness, intolerance, lack of liberality and dynamicity are responsible for more prejudice.Today, the pressure is more on social and economic stereotypes in the development of prejudice.

Prejudice towards Jews, prejudice towards Christians, and prejudice towards people of different colour and prejudice of others with different nationalities, are all present in the play. (transition).Higher significant difference is obtained between the low caste Hindu and Muslim girls only in caste prejudice.For example, Dovidio, Evans and Tyler (1986) have found that informations relevant to a particular stereotype is accepted and processed more quickly than informations not related to that stereotype.

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One of the basic reasons behind the development of prejudice is stereotype.

There was a significant positive correlation among these prejudices and religiousity, authoritarianism and anxiety, but these were negatively related to religious information.During the eighteenth century in England there was a certain duty put out to the people of the country.