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There are plenty of cons that come with paying students to play sports.This, while well intended, is impossible for many, if not the majority of college athletes.Exercises and homework, in-class quizzes, and written examinations.

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He agreed that college athletes are very similar to pro athletes in terms of responsibility and liability, but was not compensated in the same manner.

Student athletes should be given a small amount of pay for their services to the university.The trend is for athletes to leave school early for the professional leagues because of the fame and fortune that follows this move.However, these rules have been extended so far that athletes can barely get a check from their grandmother in the mail without red flags going up.In this paper consisting of eight pages negative athlete feedback and proposed methological research regarding this link are discu.All of these problems could be minimized or theoretically eliminated, by adopting a program for compensating student athletes.

On a radio interview, Bill Self elaborated on seeing the situation from both prospective as a player and a coach.The school takes in money from ticket sales, television contracts, and sport-related merchandise, just to name a few.According to the NCAA, there are over half a million-student athletes in the NCAA with the average scholarship being around 11,000 dollars.

Student athletes need money just like any other college students, and many of them need it even more.Why College Athletes Should be Paid Essay. questioning the NCAA and demanding changes to the monopoly that the NCAA is nothing will happen to the unfairness to.Since college athletes are not allowed to work, even if they have the extra time to do so, they have to sacrifice meals, new clothes, and other necessary items in order to save money for they future.These amateur athletes have no incentive to stay in college and finish their respective degrees, as many cannot afford to pay for the increasingly expensive college experience.

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How are they going to pay for all the necessary expenses if they come from poor families.To begin with, college athletes should get paid because scholarships are not enough.

The thought of giving someone money for something they have chosen to do may not appear to be fair.While the prospect of receiving a free college education is something few would complain about, when the issue is more closely examined it becomes evident that it is not enough.Some of the student athletes that attend college come from poor environments.

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This also leads to players accepting illegal money, cars, clothes, etc.Many collegiate athletes put as much if not more time into their sport as they do in their school work.Granted a student could come through college with a career playing the sport of.The school receives money from ticket sales, television contracts, and sport-related merchandise, along with many other sports related revenue builders.For millions of Americans, college game day is strictly designated for being glued to the television all day, covering themselves head to toe in fan gear, or anxiously waiting for the gates of the stadium to open so they can enter and watch their favorite team be victorious.

Some of the players who receive no money from their families accept illegal offers in order to buy necessary items.What deserves debate, is the conversation of how to get this done.Should College athletes be paid Essay.understand the relationship between consumer behavior, behavior of the firms, and.

Over the past few years, one of the greatest debates has been whether student- athletes should be paid as if they were professional athletes.If you go to a bookstore in Jacksonville you would probably find a Rex Grosseman jersey for sale for about one-hundred-and-fifty dollars.

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He could not be paid for his services in the movie because it would damage his amateur status (Greenlee 63). (144).He could not be paid for his services in the movie because it would damage his amateur status (Greenlee 63).

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For example, Darnell Autry, University of Northwestern running back and theater major, went to Italy over the summer and appeared in a movie.