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For this, we relax the assumptions that there are no exports or imports and government expenditures.Traditional economic models have largely failed to account adequately for the roles of money and finance in economic operations.Problems in industrial sector: data relating to output, cost, etc. are available only in big units.

At this income level OY 2, consumers will spend Y 2 d on consumption goods and save dE 2.Net rents include the rental value of owner occupied houses. b).Alternative approach states that, when injection (I) equals leakage (S) in a two-sector economy, equilibrium level of national income is determined.Question 01 Answer Parts (a) through (g) using the information in Figure 01 describing the Sri Lankan economy.Chapter 3 The Simple Keynesian Theory of Income Determination.

Product Method This is also called the output method, the inventory method or the census method.International transaction sector: in this sector, we take into account the value of goods exported and imported payment from abroad, payments to other countries.Here aggregate output or supply is Y 2 E 2 and aggregate demand is Y 2 k.Two-Sector Model: A two-sector model of income determination of an economy consists only of domestic and business sectors.This figure thus arrived at will give us G.N.P. The merit of this method is that it believes in the identity between national expenditure, income and total product.

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Equality of Saving and Investment: The equilibrium level of income can also be shown by the equality of the saving and investment functions.The difficulties in calculation of national income can be discussed as follows.Business Economics distance learning course-Economics is the study of scarcity and the.The data of one region cannot be applied to another region with minor modification.However, it will stop at certain points to allow you to review the information being presented at your own pace.NATIONAL INCOME DETERMINATION WORK SCHEDULE (TEXT CHAPTER: 8) DAY 1: Objective: Create a circular flow of demand in the Macroeconomy and identify leakages and.The determination of equilibrium level of income simultaneously by the equality of aggregate demand and aggregate supply and of saving and investment is explained in Table I below.Determination of Equilibrium Level of Income: Given these assumptions, an open economy is in equilibrium when its national expenditure (E) is equal to its national income (Y).

Khalid Ahmad Omar. connect to download. Get docx. Final Assignment. National income thus may be defined as the sum of wages,.Likewise, the quantity and quality of entrepreneurial ability is also a main element in the determination of national income.

It helps to make inter- sectoral comparisons and to study the rate of growth of the economy.National Income Different Views on Saving and Investment Equality: Classical, Keynesian and Other Views 7 New Theories of Investment Are Explained Below No comments yet.Double-counting: the error of double-counting is another obstacle to be avoided in the calculation of national income.

Since national income constitutes a quantitative measure of economics activity rather than verbal description.But businessmen intend to make investment equal to dk in order to buy investment goods.Contribution to international institutions: it shows the capacity of a country to bear some common burden of international institutions like the U.N.O.By imposing a lump-sum tax, the consumption function is reduced by the amount of tax.The value added of a firm is its output less whatever it purchases from other firms such as raw materials, and other inputs.On the contrary, if the income level is less than the equilibrium level, investment exceeds saving.

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He prepared three models for the determination of national income, which are shown in Figure-1: The two-sector model of economy involves households and businesses.Making international comparisons: national income estimates enables us to make international comparisons and standard of living of people.Difficulty in value estimation: in backward areas, the cultivators, artisans and cottage industry workers do not have a fair idea of the expenses of their occupation.

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Answer: There are three methods by which national income can be calculated-.

Your disposable income is anything you have left over after you pay taxes.This means that we shall have to add imports and exports and government expenditures and taxation in our analysis.

That is why, consumer goods and services are produced from total consumption expenditure and aggregate savings are invested in the production of capital goods.National income definition, the total net earnings from the production of goods and services in a country over a period of time, usually one year, and consisting.There two topics that each has to be at least 200 words with at least one reference.

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This is shown by OY 2 level of income in Panel (A) of the figure.It has to define exactly, whether it is geographical entity of the country or the nationals including those residing abroad.With the increase in the rate of tax, consumption and national income will decrease and vice versa.

There is no government. 8. There is autonomous investment. 9. The economy is at less than full employment level of output. 10. The price level remains constant up to the level of full employment.Whichever method we use the result should be more or less the same.The investigators, preparation of adhoc figures, making sample surveys, etc.

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